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The History of Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras came to New Orleans through its French heritage in 1699. Early explorers celebrated this French Holiday on the banks of the Mississippi River. Throughout the years, Orleanians have added to the celebration by establishing krewes (organizations) which host parades and balls. Carnival quickly became an exciting holiday for both children and adults. Mardi Gras means "Fat Tuesday" and of course is celebrated on that day of the week. The date can fall between February 3 and March 9 depending on the Lunar calendar, used by the Catholic Church to determine the date of Easter. Mardi Gras is always 47 days before Easter Sunday.
The official colors for Mardi Gras are purple, green, and gold. These colors were chosen in 1872 by the King of Carnival, Rex. He chose these colors to stand for the following:
  • Purple represents justice
  • Green stands for faith
  • Gold stands for power
The Mardi Gras season begins on January 6 and continues until Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. On the Christian calendar, the twelfth day after Christmas is known as "Epiphany", "Twelfth Night", or "Kings Day." It is the day the gift-bearing Magi visited the baby Jesus, and is celebrated with its own unique rituals.
The Krewe of Seville first participated in the Pensacola Mardi Gras celebration in 1997. Our Themes and Kings and Queens since that time have been:
Year Theme King and Queen
2012 Divin' Deep (Under the Sea) King Jeff Davis
Queen Lynette Dewberry
2011 Rock Stars King John Townsend
Queen Laura Orr
2010 Let's Ride! King Dave Moon
Queen Sue Bruno
2009 Krewe of Seville Celebrates Pensacola's 450th King Joe Sharit
Queen Sylvia Ammons
2008 Krewe n' Decision, Naughty or Nice King Darrell Duke
Queen Robin Sharit
2007 Pirates of Seville, Krewez'n for Booty King Art Reinauer
Queen Dorothy Dunaway
2006 Krewe in de Nile King Paul Prat
Queen Tracy Johnson
2005 Krewe in Paradise King Danny Johnson
Queen Mary Dickson Quina
2004 Krewe Gone Wild King Bruce Newman
Queen Kelley Harris
2003 Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves King Mark Brisch
Queen Peggy Rozman
2002 Goes Hollywood King Rodney Dunaway
Queen Evelyn Reid
2001 A Space Oydessy King Keith A. Sims
Queen Cathe Foster
2000 Carnival King Jeff Williams
Queen Mary Samaras
1999 Gilligan's Island King Roger Martinez
Queen Elisa Miller
1998 Vegas Elvis Queen Jennifer Mattair
King Bill Strength
1997 Barbers of Seville King Doug Mitchell
Queen Lee Benton

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