About the Krewe of Seville

The Krewe of Seville, a Mardi Gras krewe in Pensacola, Florida, was founded in 1997. Our regular meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, at Seville Quarter, 130 E. Government Street. Social time starts at 6:30 PM, with the meeting following thereafter at 7:00 PM. Our By-Laws state that our specific purpose is to participate in Mardi Gras and have fun!

Membership is open to new members from August - December of each year. Our Mardi Gras Ball, Tacky Prom, and select other events are open to the public. Please see the calendar of events for more information.

Notes for website users: The roster and other krewe documents are for distribution to members only and are therefore password-protected. Please contact the WebCaptain if you need the login information for that section.

Important Dates and Announcements

KoS General Meeting, Tuesday, April 1st, 6:30 PM Social, 7:00 PM Meeting, Seville Quarter.

The Absentee Ballot for the 2014 Bylaws Amendments can now be found in the Member's Documents.

See www.GoPensacola.Com for Mardi Gras events and coverage, including the Krewe of Seville ...

The names of the board members and committee chairs, along with their contact info, can be found in the members section.

Please be sure you are active on your selected committee(s) to ensure you remain a member in good standing.

NOTE: The username and password for the members section has been changed. Please contact the WebCaptain for the new credentials.

***Voting for the 2014 Bylaws Amendments will be held at the April meeting.
***Results for 2014 Bylaws Amendments will be will be announced as soon as they are counted.

Upcoming Meeting Agenda and Other Information

Krewe of Seville
General Meeting
Tuesday, April 1st
Apple Annie's Seville Quarter
6:30 Social, 7:00 Meeting

Captain's Agenda

Bylaws Vote prior to meeting.
Voting will close at 7:00
Discussion of expenditure for float repairs. Possible vote in May

Birthdays, etc - Cyndey Joiner
Secretary's Report - Tamara Thoming
Treasurer's Report - Janet Myers

Committee Reports

Merchandise - Sharon Egan
Cookoff - Priscilla Brewer
Ball- Sylvia Ammons
Float - Tracy Johnson/Melanie Collins

Social - Laura Nickerson
***KOS Wahoo Game night is May 17. Party Deck, food, & fireworks. $31 per person is due at this meeting

Membership - Shaun Nobles
***Lost and Found table will be set up. If you have / found anything that does not belong to you or was left on float please bring to meeting. If you lost something.....come check out the goods and hopefully we will have it.

***Need an absentee ballot contact webcaptain@kreweofseville.org
***Due to the volume of ballot results will be sent to Krewe in an email (per Captain Deanna)

Additional Announcements

New Email:

Evelyn Reid: eviereid12@gmail.com
Deanna Cook: dnc4uf@gmail.com

New Address:

Evelyn Reid: 6211 Siguenza Drive: Perdido

There be no further Announcements.............See you Tuesday.

Membership Committee


1. Delaine Andrews - Bead Bag
2. Sharon Bennett - Bead Bag
3. Yellow Bead Bag - No name but with Black women's shoes inside
4. Green Bead Bag - No name but with a large jar of red cherries.
5. A single pair of sunglasses


1. Cooler: held jello shots provided by membership committee. Has Pensacola Beach sticker. Believe put on theme float.
2. 2 cases of moonpies - put on Theme Float for Saturday parade (1 case of mints and 1 case of salted caramel)
3. 1 bottle of crown (new still in box) - put on Theme Float for Sunday parade

please contact membership ...........